Bug Control

At Beebe’s Pest & Bee Service we use the best methods in the industry to control a wide array of household pests. Please note that control of the bugs is the key to bug elimination. In many situations, complete elimination is impossible, but a considerable reduction in population can be achieved. Exclusion is a key to total pest control and is covered in the home seal portion of this website.

Our basic elimination service includes the following pests:

  • Spiders

  • Beetles

  • Ants

  • Centipedes

  • Silverfish

  • Crickets

  • Scorpions (minor infestations)

  • Oriental and American roaches

  • Earwigs

If you see bugs in your home, contact Beebe’s your bug control experts. Bugs are attracted to our homes because it is free shelter and food without natural predators. They can cause damage to structures and possessions, spread germs and irritate allergies. It is possible to prevent and control insect populations in and around your home or business. From spiders and ticks to bed bugs and mosquitoes, Beebe’s has the answer. Call Beebe’s today to set up a consultation for bug control.

Specialized elimination services (for an additional fee after estimation) include:

  • Africanized and European honey bees

  • Ticks

  • Fleas

  • Wasps

  • Carpet beetles

  • Scorpions (major infestations)

  • German and brown banded roaches

  • Carpenter ants

  • Lice

  • Cinch bugs

  • Ground beetles

  • Flying insects (mosquitoes, etc.)

  • Bed bugs