Home Sealing

Our customized home seal will help prevent unwanted pests from entering your home and becoming a nuisance. Although it does not guarantee that you will never see another pest inside, it does prevent up to 90% of unwanted pests from entering your home. With a monthly exterior pest control service, that percentage goes even higher. Listed below are the many steps we will take to achieve maximum results for your home.

The home seal consists of several steps.

  • Interior exclusion methods:
  • Dust under cabinets and all plumbing lines coming from wall
  • Seal around interior kitchen and bathroom pipes, toilets, fixtures and shower heads as needed
  • Dust behind all accessible wall outlets

Exterior and garage exclusion methods:

  • Seal exterior base of home where weep screed and stem wall meet
  • Seal any cracks in foundation
  • Re-screen any open breather holes in fascia boards
  • Seal any gaps between fascia boards and eave
  • Seal exterior light fixtures and any holes in wall from utility lines
  • Seal around plumbing clean outs
  • Seal around electrical and other utility boxes
  • Screen any pipes or T-vents located on roof that are accessible
  • Seal garage walls where stem wall and sheetrock meet
  • Seal any holes in drywall where pipes may enter walls in utility closets
  • Seal any gaps around door frames
  • Seal around windows
  • Seal under thresholds
  • Spray foundation and yards
  • Disperse water activated granules throughout yards and water meter boxes
  • Dust the attic area
  • Place glue board in garage for monitoring
  • Unlike many services that just scratch the surface, we target areas where insects live, resulting in more effective service away from you and your family.

Targeted applications, using the most advanced materials along with home sealing and the elimination of pest entries, support the approach “less is more” rather than the “spray and pray” approach.

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