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How do you prevent pests from coming into your home?

Everyday Pest Prevention Tips

As climate conditions start to look like what we would anticipate from spring, pests will likewise start to rise up out of their overwintering destinations looking for water and food – two things found in homes easily. With an end goal to prevent undesirable invasions in the hotter seasons, specialists from the National Pest Management Association urge house owners to include pest-proofing as a major aspect of their spring tidying and yard tidy up schedules.

Property holders can keep basic domestic pests like ants, ticks, termites, stinging bugs and periodic invaders from taking shelter in and around the home by adding a couple of easy assignments to their home maintenance agenda:

Outdoor Tasks

  • Set aside some time to investigate the outside of the home for access points, giving special attention to territories where utility pipes go in. Seal every little crack with a caulk. Utilize steel wool to seal bigger holes and openings, as bugs are usually dissuaded by the coarseness of the steel wool.
  • Look out for indications of termite harm, for example, mud tubes, wood that sounds hollow when tapped, and bubbling or cracked paint.
  • Appropriately landscape by keeping the grass cut low and making sure tree branches, shrubs and other plants is trimmed properly and far from the house.
  • Wipe out leaves and other garbage from the drains to prevent standing water, which can give the ideal reproducing ground to pests.
  • Fix fascia and decayed rooftop shingles; a few creepy crawlies are attracted to rotting wood.
  • Repair loose mortar around windows and basement foundation.
  • Screen windows, storage room vents and openings to fireplaces. Fix any cracks.
  • Direct water far from the house through well working downspouts, drains and sprinkle blocks. Fix water channels, leaking faucets and AC units.
  • Store firewood about 20 feet away from the house.

Indoor Tasks

  • Dispose of trash on a regular basis in a sealed garbage bin.
  • Keep kitchens clean by cleaning countertop and clearing floors to eliminating pieces and buildup from spills. Additionally, store food in tightly sealed containers and fruits in the fridge.
  • Keep pet dishes tidy and wipe up any spilled food or water around them quickly. Store dry pet food in a sealed container as opposed to the paper packs they generally come in.
  • Counsel your vet about a deterrent treatment for cats and dogs to help prevent bugs and ticks.
  • Vacuum your house regularly.
  • Regularly check under sinks for patches of dampness and fix any broken funnels. Consider utilizing a dehumidifier in soggy basements or lofts.

Disposing of pests once they discovered comfort inside of a home can be challenging, and once inside, a few pests can cause genuine property harm while others can present health dangers. In the event that an invasion is discovered, house owners must counsel with an authorized proficient pest management organization to assess the extent of the issue and suggest the best measures. For professional assistance call Beebe’s Pest Control. 

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