Bed Bugs

Beebes' offers bed bug removal, your best choice for eco-friendly, affordable bed bug extermination in the Phoenix,Az area. The eradication of bed bugs is not only our specialty, it's all we do! Bite Back exterminators use steam heat, which at a temperature of over 315 degrees kills both bed bugs and their eggs on contact. We also integrate the use of diatomaceous earth and a portable heat box to ensure your bed bug infestation is eliminated in one treatment for one low cost - all without harmful chemicals or outrageous prices! Let our quality-trained professionals take care of you and your home..

Bed Bug removal Includes:

• Finding nest location

• Expert treatment

• Professional nest extraction

• Insecticide Application

Your home is your sanctuary. When you return home, after a tough day’s work, you will want to get comfortable and relax. You should have no worries or discomforts when sitting in your home. There are various things that could destroy your home’s serenity, but nothing could be worse than a bug infestation. If bugs take over your home, you’ll have difficulty relaxing and you’ll feel awkward about inviting friends over. If your home has been infested with bed bugs, you’ll never get a good night’s sleep again! Before you begin exploring solutions to your bed bug problem, you will want to find out exactly how these pests can infiltrate your home. The best bed bug exterminator in Phoenix can help you with this process. Below, you will discover how these pesky critters could’ve entered your home. Bed bugs can hide in clothing. If you invite over friends with bed bugs, it is highly likely that these bugs will jump off and take up shelter in your home. Buying used furniture and chairs can also give these bugs access to your home. They’ll hide within the cracks and crevices of these items, until they infiltrate your home and then they’ll spread like wildfire. Take note that these bugs can live in clothing, linens, luggage and other similar items. Bringing home these items can potentially cause your home to become infected.