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Bee Removal in Arizona

Bee removal in arizona

Bee Removal in Arizona

Found all over the world, there are over 20 thousand different recorded bee species. In Arizona there are a little over 1,000 different species of bees split into 45 genera and 7 different families. Locally though, our clients care about removing these troublesome pests when they begin to swarm around or in their homes. Most bees, even honey bees that will swarm, are not a threat. However, almost any bee will sting you if startled or provoked into action. Weaker colonies of bees will not swarm, this only occurs once the colony grows in larger sizes.

While bees are a perfectly natural part of nature and in many ways very beneficial to our environment it can be dangerous to allow bees to gather around your home. Proper identification of bees and wasps around your home is the first step in figuring out the proper removal process. There are different application and treatment strategies for both bees and wasps.

Oftentimes, a pest control expert should be consulted prior to taking any action on your own. If proper techniques are not followed, results could be disastrous. Most of the time, the only way to completely get rid of bees is to remove the hive. This should not be done on your own for safety and efficiency purposes.

What to do for a bee sting in Arizona

When stung by a bee it is important that you seek medical attention. Even if you have been stung before you never know if a different kind of bee will cause a different or life-threatening reaction. Unlike wasps, bees usually will die after stinging you once. Bees, except for the bumble bee will leave the stinger attached and imbedded into the skin after a sting. Symptoms of a bee sting can include pain, welts, elevation of skin and the potential for extreme allergic reactions.

If you see a swarm of bees, go inside and call a professional. No matter what your plan to combat a swarm of bees, if you frustrate and don’t kill them all you can put your life in danger from a full-on swarm of bee stings. Be safe and remember that most bees will not attack you if you do not provoke them.

How to identify a bee hive

bee hive removal
Female bees work hard building nests and hives without the help of their male counterparts. Each bee nest will contain cells where the queen puts eggs that will grow into adult bees. When a bee nest is in the ground, they will build shallow and basic holes in the dirt. Some bees will use a type of branch while still others expand their homes by using a variety of branches forming an underground maze.

A bee hive can be under a rock or made from another small animal’s home like mice and bird homes. Most aggressive bee species will also steal another colonies home and capture their workers as well. Unless you are certain that a bee hive has been abandoned it is extremely important that you do not take action on your own. Contact us at Beebe’s and we will be right out to take care of it for you. If you are not in the Phoenix or Arizona area, then we suggest you look up a certified bee professional in your area. We are on time and stand behind the quality work we do!


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