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Do Mosquitoes Migrate During the Winter?

Where Do Mosquitoes Go in Winter?

Numerous individuals regularly grieve over the ending periods of summer and fear the initial cold day of winter, however, we’re speculating everybody may greet winter this year wholeheartedly, so they can say goodbye to mosquitoes and the danger of mosquito diseases.

Shockingly, it’s a typically misguided judgment that mosquitoes basically die during the winter. Read on to know about the mosquito activity and how you can keep a future mosquito issue from hatching when spring comes.

Lifecycle of Mosquitoes

Trust it or not, mosquitoes don’t just cease to exist during the colder months. Precisely how a mosquito endures the winter can vary by species. The mosquitos are responsible for transmitting Zika infection, Aedes aegypti overwinters in the egg stage. As temperatures fall underneath 50 degrees Fahrenheit, grown-up females store their last set of eggs in water-holding things containing about half an inch of water. The grown-ups will, in the end, die, while the recently stored eggs enter a state called diapause, a procedure that suspends their growth amid the coldest months.

At the point when temperatures begin to rise and rain comes back again in spring, the eggs are re-submerged and hatch to begin the next generation of troublesome Aedes mosquitoes that will without a doubt search out people as a nourishment source. According to a study, the much more disturbing fact, however, is the way that these offspring could be contaminated with Zika virus.

Mosquito Bite Prevention

There’s one thing you should learn about home mosquito control first off– there’s no silver bullet to mosquito avoidance, no one strategy or product ensured to get them out of your yard. Also, you will never have the capacity to get them all; it’s simply unrealistic. The best thing you can do is lessen their numbers and diminish the chances of getting bitten when you leave the house.

Regardless of where you live, it’s imperative to practice caution when you are outside this winter. The most ideal thing to do this is to carry the majority of your mosquito-safe propensities habits from the summer. This is what you can do:

Check your property now for water-holding things that could contain mosquito eggs stored during the hotter months. These things may incorporate tire swings, flower pots, barbecue covers, empty pots, birdbaths and different items where water gathers.

Property owners must also clear gutters, fix any cracked faucets or pipes in their home, make a hole in the base of swings made of tire and wheel barrels in order to enable water to drain easily, and guarantee garbage cans are firmly sealed and tops aren’t open.

Use a mosquito repellent containing at least 20% DEET, oil of lemon-eucalyptus or picaridin when you are outside, particularly in spaces that don’t get a lot colder than 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Try to apply the mosquito repellent as directed on the label.

In case you are taking the proper prevention steps to guard against mosquitoes, these irksome bugs won’t put a damper on you and your family’s winter happiness.

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