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Do you have mice?

A guide to identifying common rat and mice species

Amid the winter season, it’s assessed that rodents look for refuge in about 21 million homes in the United States. This implies numerous property owners will probably be dealing with mice or rodents in their home – and you could be one of them.

Rodents can spread perilous ailments and can cause real property harm, so it’s vital for homeowners to acclimate themselves with the sorts of rodents that attack homes this season. We have put together a guide to help you recognize common rat and mice species so that you are better prepared.

  • Deer Mice

Living space: Deer mice prefer to live in rural areas, particularly in fence posts, tree holes and logs. Deer mice are seldom difficulty in residential areas, but they can come indoors in the winter months while looking for refuge from the chilly climate.

Dangers: Deer mice represent a significant wellbeing risk since they are the most widely recognized carrier of Hantavirus. This infection is transmitted fundamentally by the inhalation of particles contaminated with the pee, excrement or saliva of contaminated deer mice.

Prevention tip: Don’t store pet food or birdseed in places where it is particularly appealing to deer mice.

Unique Fact: Deer mice mostly have a bicolored tail that is typically half brown colored, half white.

  • House Mice

Living space: Unlike deer mice, house mice typically dwell in dark, isolated zones inside homes. They are superb climbers and can jump up to a foot high.

Dangers: House mice can cause genuine property harm by biting through building materials. Truth be told, they have been known to start electrical flames by biting on wires inside homes. These rodents are additionally a wellbeing danger, as they can infect food and spread sicknesses like tapeworms, Salmonella, and the plague through fleas.

Prevention tip: House mice hide in mess, so it’s essential to keep your house tidy and store boxes properly. Additionally, keep food in sealed containers.

Unique Fact: House mice can fit through an opening as little as a coin. In spite of the fact that they have poor vision and are visually challenged, their other senses are extremely sharp.

  • Roof Rats

Living space: Roof rodents live in colonies and like to stay in roofs or in trees.

Dangers: Historically, rooftop rodents and their fleas have been related to bubonic plague. In spite of the fact that cases are uncommon, rooftop rodents additionally spread jaundice, typhus, rodent bite fever, salmonellosis, and trichinosis.

Prevention tip: Clean up fruit or veggies that may have tumbled from trees in the yard. Likewise, guarantee the trash is put away in firmly secured containers.

Unique Fact: The rooftop rodent is additionally called the ship rat or black rat. These rodents are great swimmers.

In the event that you speculate an invasion, contact an authorized bug expert. Rodents are known to reproduce rapidly, and what may appear as though a little issue can transform into a major issue quickly.

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