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How do you control bed bug infestation?

How do you  control and exterminate bed bugs?

There is no direct place that a bed bug will contaminate. You can live in either an apartment, house and office building. All bed bugs need is a warm live host to live on.  Once you have been contaminated with bed bugs, if there is a big infestation, you can almost guarantee the entire environment in infested. They can live on you, live on your clothes, your furniture, your animals and spread extremely quickly. Washing your clothes, and vacuuming is not enough. It is the first step to controlling the infestation. However, if you were to just wash your clothes sheets and vacuum one room, remember they could still be on you and transporting to another room. Make sure to check each room throughly for these tiny pests. They can lead to itching, and bumps on both you and your animals. It is important to control the infestation.

If you find bed bugs in your home, is it important to call Beebes immediately for an inspection. Finding the cause and hot spots in the home will help control the infestation and give changes to the environment with crevice treatment. We have effective and affordable treatment solutions for all bed bug situations.

Where do bed bugs come from?

Recently, bed bugs have been growing more frequently and contaminating more environments. This is due to the increase in population,  and urbanization, bed bugs have been able to repopulate quickly and infect areas.  How do you make sure you are safe of getting infected with these pests?

  • Make sure if you are traveling you check the places you are in.
  • Check your sheets, curtains, corners and house frequently.
  • Do not leave laundry, or your house dirty for long periods of time.
  • Thoroughly wash all your clothing, bed bugs will live on your clothing and contaminate more of the house hold.
  • Keep your mattress and box spring at home protected with a bed bug grade encasement

How do you know you have been infected?

  • You can see tiny blood smears on your sheets, carpets and even your mattress;
  • Fecal matter in crevices of mattress, in cracks of bed-frame or furniture, in corners of carpeting, and behind electrical outlet covers;
  • You can physically see bed bugs in your box spring and around your bed. They can even be on the curtain rods, corners of the room and in the carpets.

How to start treatment before Beebes gets there..


  • Clean all bedding, clothes and cloth in high temperature water.
  • Make sure everything is available for inspection upon arrival.
  • If you decide to vacuum, through the wrapped bags in a container away from the house outside.

What not to do before Beebes arrives

  • Do not put any clean clothes or sheets back into the infected area.
  • Stay away from the room as much as possible.
  • You can waste a ton of money on self treatment if not done properly.

Be sure to reach out with any further questions directly to let us help you through this time.

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