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How to get rid of Fleas on your dog?

The Best way to get rid of fleas on your dog.


Your dog is like your best-friend, you love your animal as if it is another member of the family. The care you provide is nothing less than mediocre and the well being of the pet is also a point which they never compromise upon. Fleas often infest the pets like dogs and cats and cause itching to their skin. The problem may worsen and the animals may develop skin infections too. The fleas are found in moderate to summer climatic areas with 70% humidity levels. These cannot fly and travel to the host body from other animals by jumping or from environment to the host body.


Fleas are very small insects and the size may vary from being even smaller than the size of the apple seed or as big as a grain of rice. Not all itchiness on the body of the dog is an indication of fleas. The detection of flea infestation is also difficult but if the owner finds the poop of the flea which looks like small particles of dirt, then truly the animal is suffering from the flea infestation. There may be fleas in the premises also but first of all it is important to treat the dog/cat and get them rid of the insect which is causing trouble to their skin. They may also develop secondary skin infection.


How bad Can it be to have fleas?


If the dog licks of bites the flea, the it may get Tapeworms also. Hence getting rid of the problem is an absolute necessity. Selection of the pesticide should be done wisely and it is recommended to get the product which can kill the larvae as well so that the eradication happens in completion. The administering of the spot-on medicine on the body has to be done with the assurance that the dog is not bathed for 4-5 in advance. The natural oils present in the bodies of the dog allows better treatment and following the administering of the medicine also, the animal should not bathe for 4-5 days so that the treatment is complete and the medicine does not get washed away.

Flea killing ointments are easily available over-the-counter along with the shampoos for the treatment as well. The owners can ask the vet for better advise and thus get the dog checked before and after the medicine application so that the difference can be spotted. Treat the dog gently because the medicine and the shampoo can cause dryness to the sensitive and soft skin of the dogs.
Now is the time to treat the home as well. Vacuum the home properly and then application of the flea collar is a personal choice as it is laden with harsh chemicals. The service providing companies can offer both the treatment and the clients has to make the choice. Cleaning of the dog bed with hot water is also necessary and then it can be sun dried too. This will kill all the chemicals present in it and make it fit for use again. Beebe’s is offering noteworthy services in the related field.


Beebe’s is one of the most effective service providers in Arizona and they can extend the optimum services to the clients. They are very prompt in answering the queries of the clients. Often the customers have several questions regarding the pest control measures and they want to discuss their specific requirements too. The experts in the company are equipped to provide the information to every detail and satisfy the queries of the clients.

It is essential to keep the premise hygienic and free from the pests, termites, bugs, and cockroaches because these elements pose a great threat to health and well-being of the humans.

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