Pigeon Control

We offer many solutions for Pigeon Control in Phoenix, including:

Exclusions: Closing off favorable areas where pigeons prefer to nest.
Deterrents: Deterring birds from landing, roosting, or loafing on your roof using spikes, wire, coil, electrified wire, and gel.
Trapping and removal

We will meet with you personally to observe your pigeon problem and determine the best solution.

Birds and their droppings and nesting materials can cause serious health risks to humans. There have been many documented cases of humans contracting diseases in areas with bird infestations. The West Nile Virus and Histoplasmosis are two diseases that have recently been documented. Pigeon control is important due to the damage and disease problems these problem birds often create.

Pigeons tend to move in flocks of several hundred, which frequently move about and roost together. Occasionally, a smaller group will select a house or a few houses on which to roost or nest. Pigeons inhabit roofs, ledges, drain spouts, lofts, steeples, attics, caves, architectural features of buildings, or any other areas where they can find openings that allow for resting, roosting, and nesting.