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April 27, 2018
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Quality Pest Control Guidelines

Pest Control in Arizona

Quality Pest Control Guidelines

Solving your pest related problems in your home or other building can be difficult. Ask as many questions as you can to learn all about both the kinds of pests you have and what your options are. One of the common reasons for a pest infestation is a lack of pest prevention in the first place.

Pest Prevention

By preventing pests from infesting your home in the first place, you can save time, money and the discomfort of having them around. Start by removing sources of water, food and shelter for the bugs in question. You’ll want to start sealing any food items that are usually left out in your house. Remove garbage often and upgrade to a sealed trash can lid.
Standing water attracts a variety of bugs and can be caused by leaky plumbing or pet bowls left out overnight. Cluttered living areas are some of the worst areas for an infestation. With so many places to hide it’s an easy process to clean up the debris and limit the areas bugs can reside in your living areas. Caulking and sealing around baseboards, walls and cabinets can also limit pests ability to crawl away into your walls as well.

Lastly, check incoming packages and boxes to avoid importing pests unknowingly into your residence. Take the time to learn about and research the type of insects that invade your home to be better prepared when they show up. Many bugs will show up seasonally as climate changes move them from outside where they may have been all summer or winter.

Safe Pesticide Use

The most important part of pesticide use is to keep children away from areas that pesticides have been used on. Same risk to children is also true for pets as well. Some key points to pay attention to on the label of your pesticide use is whether it’s supposed to be used in homes as well as other relevant safety warnings that will be present. Always avoid fogging devices unless necessary to rid your home of pests. When you are finished using a chemical of this sort, always remember to dispose of leftover chemicals and containers correctly.

Call a Professional

Sounds like a lot of work to learn how to self-prepare and treat your home for pest control doesn’t it? While many of our friends and family come to us for advice, we are always ready to come treat the situation ourselves. Oftentimes, it’s just more cost effective to bring in a professional pest control service that will do a quality job right the first time than to spend months in a futile fight against pests you are just not prepared for. Whether it’s a question or a request for service though, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We are always glad to help out our greater Phoenix neighbors no matter what specific need you have in regard to pest control service.
If you would like to give us a call please call us at (602) 978-4412.

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