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Summer Pest Control Tips

Summer Pest Control

Summer Pest Control Tips

Summer is the time for the pests like ants, wasps, rodents, roaches, bees, etc. to get active. Summer is also the time when people mostly plan their vacations. The clash between the two clearly unmasks the fact that the pests get a good time to enter the vacant premise and create a ruckus inside plus in the exterior of the premise. But there are effective measures which can ensure that the entry of the pests can be banned in the homes. Here we go with the effective list of do’s and don’ts to keep the pests away.

Below mentioned are some of the summer pest control tips:

• The most important factor to keep in mind is to block the entry of the pests into the premises. Even a slight opening in the door is enough for them to make way into the homes. So fill those window and door gaps, repair holes in the screens, or replace the window stripping. These are great measures which can keep the pests away.
• If the premise has the problem of stagnant water, then it has to be checked because standing water is a great breeding ground for the mosquitoes which have the power to bring diseases. Look for the places which are vulnerable during monsoons, leakage in the backyards, etc. which can lead to standing water.
• If you have a backyard or a landscaped entry, then ensure that the bushes are properly trimmed always because over growth gives them a great camouflage to enter the premises. Control the weeds and get the debris cleared near your home, if there is any. These prove to be dangerous spots.
• Keep the kitchen clean. This is another most important hack. Food items like crumbs and flour strewed here and there is not advisable if you want a pest free home. The roaches and ants get attracted to the food items.
• If the fruits and the vegetables are left to get ripe, then definitely it is an invitation to the fruit flies which are often seen flying around the ripe fruits. Tips like these are very handy and even the pest control experts are giving such advice to their respective clients.
• If the premises have basements and attics, then it is essential to keep the areas well ventilated as cross ventilation and sunlight can be a good test against the pests getting into the premises.
• Little acts like not leaving the dirty dishes in the sink, cleaning the garbage, not letting excess moisture getting collected in the homes can guarantee keeping the pests away.

If there is a pest infestation, then taking professional helps and support is the best answer. Do not hesitate to connect with Beebe’s which is a professional pest control offering unique and innovative ideas plus measures to drive the pests away from the homes. It is very important to keep the premises spic and span so that health and harmony can be assured. A healthy home is a fit home.

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