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What are termites?

What is a termite and what can it do?

Termites and destructive pests that can grow overtime. Most commonly found in some kind of wood structure. Termites can cause severe damage to property and the people may be forced to drive the termites out of their premises. It becomes essential because termite breeding increases at an alarming rate and this is definitely not a very good sign for the properties.


Here are some things you should know about termites:

• Termites are found in the dark spots, crevices, and cracks. These are found in decaying and old pieces of wood too. They can exist in soaring number and are difficult to spot. Damp wood and moistened places in the structures also attract the unwanted guests in the premises.
• Worldwide there are around 2000 species of termites. These cause expensive damage to the property.
• It may be difficult to spot a crawling termite in the premise. But if you spot a flying one, then be sure that there is termite infestation in the structure. This clearly means that you require professional help to eradicate the problem.
• Termites are of different types and most of them are blind. But they can feel each other through vibrations by banging their heads back and forth. Reproductive termites are not blind and mate to reproduce.
• Wood is their favorite food which consists of cellulose and this can be easily digested by them.
• Be sure that the entry points in the structure are properly sealed because even the slightest crack is enough for them to enter the premises.
• The most gruesome fact about them is that they eat each other’s poop and this is essential for them to make their intestines strong enough to digest the wood which consist of cellulose.
• Another interesting yet little known fact about them is that they rather increase the nitrogen content present in the soil. Thus their presence may be irritable at home but is beneficial for the environment.
• They have the property to sense danger and thus can send signs of danger to the soldier termites by banging the walls of their tubes.
• Termites have the habit to make nests using wood, mud, and soil. They are capable of making big nests; sometimes these run in several feet high and are amazing to see their nests.


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