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What kind of pests commonly enter your house?

Common Occasional Invaders

The term ‘occasional invaders’ is a catchall category for bugs that attack homes every once in a while in light of the outside climate conditions become threatening to their survival. Occasional invaders are active all year and devote most of their time outside. In any case, property owners will, in general, notice them all the more habitually inside during the fall season since they are looking for a spot to overwinter.

Albeit occasional invaders may enter structures in substantial numbers, they are regularly just an irritating nuisance. There are a couple of specific pests that can cause non-wellbeing related issues. Stink bugs are destructive to the horticultural industry since they ruin crops. Boxelder bugs and ladybugs may ooze a liquid when crushed that could stain window curtains, drapes, garments, and different fabrics. Silverfish attack paper, especially books, wallpaper, and envelopes, so these materials could be damaged after some time.

When the climate turns out to be unreasonably unfriendly for survival, a few pests will look for shelter inside your house. These occasional invaders come in all assortments, from crickets to centipedes to stink bugs. Read on to get familiar with these un welcomed houseguests.


Silverfish hide amid the day, commonly in crevices or cracks. They are known to attack paper items, for example, books and envelopes. They additionally eat cloth, other fabrics.

House Cricket

House crickets are known for their noisy sound which is brought about by rubbing their front wings together to draw in females. Amid warm climate, house crickets commonly live outside and are particularly love trash dumps. They are likewise drawn to electric lights in bigger numbers.


Centipedes are also called “hundred-leggers” as a result of their several sets of legs. They are regularly found in regions of high dampness, for example, washrooms and basements. Some bigger species can cause an excruciating bite. But most centipedes don’t present wellbeing or property dangers.


Pillbugs are also known as “rollie-pollies” in light of the fact that they fold into a ball when annoyed. Like most occasional invaders, pillbugs live in damp areas and are generally found under moist items outside, for example, garbage, rotting vegetation, or rocks where they hide amid the day to decrease water usage.

Stink Bug

Dark colored marmorated stink bugs are named for the smell they produce as a protection against predators. Grown-up stink bugs enter homes in the pre-winter to look for refuge from the winter climate.


Earwigs get their name from the myth that they creep into individuals’ ears when they are resting. Earwigs will, in general, accumulate in huge numbers outside, where they are frequently found under heaps of garden mulch, debris or in tree gaps. They can also enter homes through little cracks or tears in window screens.

It’s essential to realize, in any case, that pests can rapidly transform into an invasion if nothing is done. In the event that you see occasional invaders from this article, or some other pests inside, contact an expert quickly to examine the best possible pest control.

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