Bee Removal

If you find an established honey bee colony in your neighborhood. Call Beebe's Bee Removal and we will remove the colony. Do not try to remove colonies yourself. Honey bees are an important part of our ecosystem. Most of what we eat is made possible by the pollination of bees! Honey bees are very common in Arizona. There are many native species that are actually non-hive forming. The hives you see are typically European honey bees, and occasionally Africanized honey bees. It is important not to disturb bee swarms or hives. Don't panic.

Bee Removal Includes:

• Finding nest location

• Expert treatment

• Professional nest extraction

• Insecticide Application

Extermination is the bee removal method most commonly used. It is typically quick and easy. Extermination is generally divided into two categories:

When bees are nesting within wall voids of homes or commercial buildings, our highly trained technicians will begin by evaluating the location of the bees. This may require drilling a few small holes.

Once we have established the location of the bees, we will spray specially-formulated insecticide into the hive location to exterminate the bees. Occasionally, when a hive is well established, it is not possible to exterminate the bees unless the void is opened to allow proper delivery of the insecticide.

We can also attempt to remove the bees live, if a customer would prefer.

After we take care of the bees, there is sometimes a substantial amount of hive materials (wax, honey) that needs to be removed to prevent any new neighbors. We can remove this material and repair the area for an extra fee.