Termite Control

Termites are responsible for billions of dollars in damage every year to homes and business structures, yet your homeowner's insurance won't cover the damage caused by termites. Subterranean termite colonies consist of 60,000 to 1 million workers — even though you most likely will never see one. Termites cause so much damage because they search for and eat wood 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A smaller colony of 60,000 can consume 1/5 ounce of wood each day.

Termite Inspection & Removal Includes:

• Complete evaluation and inspection

• Full treatment of infested areas

• Treatment of foundation

• Pre-Treatment for new construction

The only way to protect your home or business is to have it inspected by a qualified technician. Our technicians will provide you with a complete inspection and evaluation for termite control. We provide full WIR's (Wood Infestation Reports) and can even offer pre-treatment for new construction. If it is determined that you have a termite infestation in an established structure, the technician will discuss with you the appropriate treatment and give you a fair and honest cost estimate. If we don't already beat a competitor's reasonable price, we'll match it. Beebe's also offers extended termite warranties. If you suspect you might have termites or have not been inspected recently, call Beebe's today.